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Content Focus
7 Key Focus Areas:
  • NCAA Rules and Eligibility
  • Organization and Planning
  • Effective Communication With College Coaches
  • Navigating Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Getting on the “Radar Screen”
  • Tactics with D-3 and Non-Scholarship Schools
  • Managing the Plan: The “Team Approach”
  • Testimonials
    “If you want to make a hit with your son or daughter, connect them up with the new sports collegiate recruiting podcasts by Victory Collegiate Consultants and This up-to-date information is delivered via the internet and can be downloaded to iPod, iPhone and mobile devices. This is a “no-brainer” that gives them the tools and information to be successful in the college sports recruiting process.”
    - Steve Maxon Bothell, Washington


    “As the parent of a highly recruited high school athlete the process can be bewildering. Fortunately I turned to Victory Recruiting and CRTV early in the process. The information and direction from CRTV has proved invaluable to us and I highly recommend any parent start here. The time and frustration you will save is immense.”

    - Parent, Concord, MA